BTC EmbeddedSpecifier

Step into the formal world with ease

Formal specification is no longer an obstacle

The first step in any development process is at the same time the most important one: the specification of requirements. The progress and success of a project depend to a crucial extent on how well the specification has been completed, especially when the development is subject to the strict requirements of IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

Creative at every step

Up to now, formal specification was for most engineers an insurmountable hurdle: the processes are too mathematical and therefore too complicated for many. But now BTC has finally solved this problem. With BTC EmbeddedSpecifier, engineers can now use formal methods without any in-depth knowledge. Step-by-step, the tool translates your textual requirements into a machine-readable language. The result is that you can prepare formal specifications with ease, having also laid an important foundation for creative engineering.

Know what’s going on right from the start

From the informal to the semi-formal right up to the formal specification of requirements: BTC EmbeddedSpecifier is the perfect tool for engineers who want to be on the safe side right from the start when it comes to creativity.
  • Formal requirements specification for everyone
  • Direct access to engineering tools such as IBM® Rational® DOORS® and PTC Integrity
  • Continuous traceability thanks to consistent linking of all artefacts
  • Automatic generation of diagnostic units (C-Observer)
  • Refactoring of the formalised requirements specifications following modification of informal requirements to ensure consistency between all artefacts across life-cycle iterations.

Innovation that fulfils every requirement

Now that formal specification is no longer a hurdle,engineers can benefit from a whole new world of automatic requirements-based testing. The diagnostic units (C-Observer) automatically generated by BTC EmbeddedSpecifier can be easily embedded into every type of test environment. The easiest way is with BTC EmbeddedTester the leading test and verification environment for dSPACE TargetLink. Try it for yourself and discover the numerous possibilities offered by creative engineering:
  • Automatic requirements-based test evaluation
  • Automatic test case generation regarding formalized requirements
  • Automatic measurement of requirements coverage


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