Embedded Software Sales and Applications Engineer

The Embedded Software Sales and Applications Engineer will join the team business unit “Marketing & Sales“ (reporting to the VP of North American operations.) The goal of this team is to support the business development for our software tools in North America. This should be achieved by establishing and maintaining a long term and trusting relationships with existing customers as well as supporting new customers with competent and comprehensive technical consulting, especially during evaluation phases.

The BTC Embedded Systems tool suite is an is ISO 26262 certified platform that performs complete mathematical analysis to intelligently test Simulink, Embedded Coder or Targetlink models, ANSI C-code and embedded software ensuring models, code and software behavior is consistent throughout the embedded software development process. Test methods include, but are not limited to, Requirements-Based Testing, Code Coverage and Robustness checks, Back-to-Back testing and fully automated Regression testing between MATLAB and TargetLink versions. Our tool can also automatically generate test cases (so called stimuli vectors) in order to achieve full structural coverage of production code.


1. Provide Technical Consulting for new and existing customers

2. Support product management and development

3. Support marketing and sales activities

Education: Interested candidates should have a Bachelors Degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other relevant technical degree (Mathematics, Physics, etc.)

Skills and Experience: Experience with MATLAB/Simulink/Embedded Coder, dSPACE Targetlink and/or Embedded C-Code is strongly preferred, especially as it relates to MIL, SIL and PIL testing. Experience creating scripts and/or plugins using MATLAB, JAVA, Python, Jenkins or using Eclipse IDE would be helpful. Knowledge of iSystem or Lauterbach debugging tools is also a plus. Any relevant experience integrating code for MCU target processors would also be desired.


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