Published on October 09, 2018.

EMEA Sector Systems Engineering Conference 2018

Date: November 5th- November 7th 2018

Location: Berlin: Mercure Hotel
Stephanstraße 41
10559 Berlin

Join us for the EMEA Sector Systems Engineering Conference 2018, the premier conference of systems engineering and related disciplines in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA). The conference gives industry, organizations, educators, researchers, and government the opportunity to showcase cutting edge practice and research. EMEASEC 2018 provides the opportunity to network with professionals from many domains in in EMEA and Germany.

The conference will start with a tutorial day on Monday, the 5th of November. Followed by the 2 days EMEASEC2018/TdSE2018 conference with paper presentations and other existing topics. On Thursday the 8th of November we will offer some technical tours.

The EMEASEC 2018 conference is combined with the Germany Systems Engineering Conference “TdSE2018”. The conference language will be English.

We are pleased to announce that BTC Embedded Systems AG will be participate in the following presentations:

Monday, November 5th

WIILLERT Software Tools GmbH - FUNCTIONAL TEST – A severe and underestimated Systems Engineering Challenge
Joachim Engelhard, Wolfgang Leimbach (WILLERT)
Dr. Hartmut Wittke (BTC Embedded Systems)

Using Rhapsody Test Conductor we are going to show a very efficient way of developing Test Harnesses and Test Pattern in an early modelbased and automated fashion. You will be surprised, how smart we will reuse and further refine those during the different development phases. In real life this will of course be accomplished by different engineers from more than just one department - ideally not just by the Test Department. And so, quite naturally, this technique/methodology automatically establishes communication between the different Engineering Domains and therefore nicely supports one of the major ideas behind Systems Engineering.


Tuesday, November 6th 

Airbus Operations GmbH - Model-in-the-Loop Tests of Highly Configurable Systems
M. Sieber, Chr. Wachtendorf, T. Hör, A. Köll / BTC Embedded Systems
AG and Airbus Operations GmbH

The specification of complex and highly configurable systems makes an early validation during the specification necessary because late findings are extremely costly. For this reason a model-based specification approach (using the tool IBM Rational Rhapsody) in combination with Model-in-the-Loop (MiL) testing was applied. The configuration of the model was made possible by a methodology based on XSD and XML files.
MiL tests were managed and performed with the tool TestConductor , an add-on available for the modelling tool. High test coverage was reached by test case specific configurations of the model.
In future System-in-the-Loop (SiL) tests shall be supported by reuse of the MiL test cases during system testing.

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