Published on February 17, 2020.

Forum Safety & Security 2020 (online)

BTC Embedded Systems will participate at the Forum Safety & Security in Stuttgart on 23. + 24. of June 2020.

On the second day of the conference we will give a talk on ISO 26262.

"Tool qualification according to ISO 26262 - Why? When? How?"

In the automotive industry, there is a clear trend towards increasing complexity and increasing the size of software components in embedded software that is used in safety-critical applications. The ISO 26262 standard plays an important role in this context. In addition to recommendations for the development process, ISO 26262 also addresses the tools used to develop and test the system and their qualifications. However, tool qualification is not necessary for every software used. This talk explains how to recognize whether the software used has to be qualified and how tool qualification is carried out. Besides, the example of a unit test tool shows what the qualification looks like in practice, what a pre-qualification is and what advantages it brings.

Wolfgang Meincke, Senior Pilot Engineer, BTC Embedded Systems AG