Published on February 03, 2016.

ISO 26262 seminar in Detroit/USA

April 4, 2016 (Sheraton Hotel in Novi/Michigan)

BTC Embedded Systems and dSPACE Inc will host a seminar about the efficient application of the ISO 26262 standard for embedded software development projects. 

The first part of the seminar will cover important aspects regarding the creation of requirements, software architecture, models and production code. The second part will focus, in particular, on the ISO 26262 objectives regarding verification and validation for all ASIL levels up to ASIL D. As the understanding of these objectives often stays too abstract, in addition to the theoretical part of the seminar, the different activities within a typical ISO 26262 development process will be demonstrated on a real model using tools from dSPACE and BTC Embedded Systems.  This includes basic verification techniques like "Requirement-based Testing," as well as advanced techniques like "Formal Verification," which are in particular relevant for safety critical systems. After a discussion about tool qualification, the seminar will conclude with considerations about tool automation and collaborative development and their impact on an ISO 26262 compliant development workflow.