Published on April 12, 2018.

MESCONF 2018 in Munich/Germany

Date: June 7th - 8th 2018

Location: Munich

BTC Embedded Systems is part of the MESCONF 2018 event in Munich and will present the following workshop:

MBSE support through Model-Based Testing and Formal Methods

Development and V&V of future systems lead to new challenges regarding correctness, completeness and consistency. Important enablers for development assurance in a continuous engineering environment is the application of powerful MBE, MBT and Formal Methods (FM) technologies as recommended in engineering standards. Such technologies enable to implement full traceability as required by processes such as ASPICE and ISO/IEC 15504, increase the degree of automation in the verification process, the probability to uncover more errors early and the reuse of specification artifacts throughout the engineering phases.

When applying FM we have to consider two aspects, i.e. the development of a Formal Specification for natural language requirements, and performing Formal Verification activities. Formal verification can be performed by different existing technologies.

This presentation shows how we extended Rhapsody MBE/MBT with FM capabilities – by using the verification method Formal Testing — and how we combined it with the existing Rhapsody MBT solutions. An approach and commercial tool is presented how natural language requirements can easily be formalized, and how Rhapsody system and software designs can be verified, i.e. by performing Formal Testing, against formal specifications of requirements — resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness