Published on May 02, 2018.

Webinar: Back-to-Back Test - Certified for ISO 26262

For the second webinar of our ISO 26262 series, we cordially invite you to discover how BTC EmbeddedTester can help you to perform a fully automated Back-to-Back Test in an ISO 26262-compliant way.

Back-to-Back Testing is one key method for an ISO 26262-compliant software unit test within a model-based development process. It is not only highly recommended for ASIL C and D, it is especially useful for distributed development projects where different teams (or even different companies) take the responsibility for function development and software development. Thanks to the deep tool integration and the automatic test generation of BTC EmbeddedTester, the complete use case can be fully automated without any manual interaction.

In this Webinar, we will show you how to:

We will also discuss: