Published on May 15, 2020.

Webinar: When and How to Generate Test Cases Automatically

July 8th, 16:00 CET (Berlin)/ 10AM EST (Detroit)/ 19:30 IST (Bangalore)/ 22:00 CST (Beijing)

July 9th, 10:00 CET (Berlin)/ 4AM EST (Detroit)/ 13:30 IST (Bangalore)/ 16:00 CST (Beijing)

The automatic generation of test cases has always been a controversial topic. While some people dream about stopping any manual test activities others say that test generation is not allowed. 

In this Webinar we will discuss when (and when not) it makes sense to generate test cases automatically and how to do it.

Based on examples within a model based development workflow we will show you:

  • The test goals for which test cases can be generated
    • Structural coverage goals
    • Robustness goals
    • Drive-to-State
    • (Machine-readable) Requirements
  • The use cases in which automatically generated test cases can be useful
    • Requirements-based Testing
    • Back-to-Back Test
    • Regresssion Test
    • Migration Test
  • The technologies which are available to generate tests automatically 
    • Random methods
    • Mathematically complete methods

On-demand Webinar: When and How to Generate Test Cases Automatically

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