Published on August 18, 2017.

New Release of BTC EmbeddedPlatform 2.0.3

The new Release BTC EmbeddedPlatform 2.0.3 is now available and bringsenhanced Matlab-/TargetLink-Support, new HTML-based reports as well as user-defined coverage goals.

One highlight of this release are the new HTML-based reports, which are now coming with a modern design and improved usability. For instance, it is possible to easily expand and collapse single sections and also the navigation within the reports is much more intuitive. 

Moreover it is now possible to specify individual characteristics of the system under test using so-called "User-defined Coverage Goals" and to add them to the list of default coverage metrics. BTC EmbeddedPlatform then automatically checks whether or not these goals have been covered by any of the available test cases and reports them accordingly. On top of that, it is even possible to automatically generate test cases which cover the specified conditions using the available test case generation engines.

BTC EmbeddedPlatform 2.0.3 is the first version which officially supports Matlab in version 2016 a/b as well as TargetLink in version 4.2. In addition to that Windows 10 is also supported as a 64bit operating system.

Other new features include the direct linking between the EmbeddedPlatform and a Simulink- resp. a TargetLink-model, displaying of expected reference values during a MIL debugging session and the possibility to export simulation results into MDF files.