Discover some of the main features of our products in these short videos. More videos coming soon.

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Creating a test project for dSPACE TargetLink

Setting up a test project within a model-based development project has never been easier, thanks to the unique integration between BTC EmbeddedPlatform and dSPACE TargetLink. This video shows you how to create a test project (=profile) for a Simulink/TargetLink model, access information about the system under test inside BTC EmbeddedPlatform and how to update the test projects in case the model content or model structure changes.

Connection with IBM DOORS

For a transparent traceability between test artifacts and requirements, BTC EmbeddedPlatform provides a powerful bi-directional connection with requirements management tools like IBM DOORS or PTC Integrity. This video shows you, how to import requirements from IBM DOORS, link test cases with requirements, write test results back to DOORS and update modified requirements.

Code Coverage

While code coverage analysis plays an important role in all embedded software development projects, the process to obtain the relevant metrics is often complicated and inefficient. In BTC EmbeddedPlatform, the coverage analysis is automatically handled in the background and always up to date with respect to the available test data. This video shows you, how easy it is to inspect coverage metrics in BTC EmbeddedPlatform and how they are updated if tests are added, changed or removed.


Debugging failed test cases is often a time-consuming task, especially if the test engineer and the developer are located in different teams or sites. This video demonstrates, how easy it is to export self-contained debug environments from BTC EmbeddedPlatform. The debugging sandbox can either be generated as a Simulink/TargetLink model or as Microsoft Visual Studio project.